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Bloody Mary Mixes from Carlton Cocktail Company

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Image of Bloody Mary Mixes from Carlton Cocktail Company


For ease of ordering, we're selling some products from our sister company; Carlton Cocktail Co. making it easy for you to get all your flavor adventures in one package!

Get your brunch ticket punched with these hearty & crazy delicious mixers. Add vodka (or gin if you're feeling saucy), squeeze a lemon or lime and you're all set. Three flavors; Garden Mary (full of flavor, but lighter on spice), Spicy Mary (a blend of peppers dress this hotsy-totsy up), and Harissa (blended with Harissa spice for an exotic and spicy mix).

Mixers come in 16oz & 32 oz bottles. For more detailed product information, to find recipes or just check in on what else we're up to, check us out at