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Bitters from Carlton Cocktail Company

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For ease of ordering, we're selling some products from our sister company; Carlton Cocktail Co. making it easy for you to get all your flavor adventures in one package!

Bitters are a very common & old timey bar ingredient that were considered a basic necessity to early cocktail culture. They've been missing from the modern imbibing scene, but are undergoing a resurgence with current interest in classic cocktails.

Bitters are a natural fit in cocktails as concentrated flavor bombs that don't dilute other flavors. As highly concentrated additions, they are only used by the drop or dash. Most of our bitters macerations are a complicated formulas of herbs, botanicals, fruits, spices, roots, barks & bittering agents distilled in a base liquor. In today's bar, bitters are essential and each brings their own qualities to each cocktail, so don't be afraid to experiment!

Carlton Cocktail Bitters come in a snappy 4oz spun aluminum bottle with an eye dropper dispenser, or a .5 oz glass bottle. Get ready to play scientist.